Finishings Hot-dip galvanizing

Hot-dip galvanizing

Acciaitubi has a completely automated hot-dip galvanizing plant as per UNI EN 10240. This makes it possible to complete the production range supplying galvanized gas and water, boiler, construction and scaffolding tubes. Acciaitubi supplies hot-dip galvanized tubes from a diameter of 21.3 mm to 323.9 mm with lengths of up to 7,000 mm. The galvanizing of all diameters up to 114.3 mm is performed in-house at its own facilities, while for bigger diameters and lengths Acciaitubi relies on the consolidated partnerships with other companies specialized in the galvanizing of ferrous products.

Zincatura a caldo dell'acciaio presso stabilimento di Acciaitubi

Advantages of hot-dip galvanizing:
savings, quality and respect for the environment

Hot-dip galvanizing is a surface coating process using an iron and zinc alloy whose purpose is to protect the steel from corrosion.
There are environmental, economic and qualitative advantages when choosing hot-dip galvanizing finishings. Steel is a highly resistant metal which, however, requires special protection against rust. The upper and foremost advantage of galvanizing refers to the long working life of the tube without any maintenance outlays. The layer that is created, in fact, guarantees a barrier against the atmosphere, the impact of external agents and the resulting corrosion, even if the coating gets scratched.

The whole process is sustainable, respecting the ecosystem. During a galvanizing process, there is no loss of material and production deposits can be recycled by the same galvanizing system. The zinc used by Acciaitubi is an electrolytic alloy type with a 99.995% degree of purity, which leads to “lead-free galvanization” in compliance with current regulations regarding the protection of public health.

Coating quality

The galvanization foresees various levels of quality depending on the intended use of the tubes. Acciaitubi sets its internal coating quality standard at level A.1, which with 55 μm is qualitatively the highest required by the European standard. Acciaitubi can reach for some steels and upon customer request the same excellence of 55 μm (level B.1) also on the outer coating.

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