Finishings Lenghts and cut to size

Lenghts and cut to size

Acciaitubi produces a standard length of 6,000 mm with a tolerance as per the norm. To meet the specific needs of its customers, it has cutting machines to provide a cut to size service.

Finiture tubi in acciaio: lunghezze e taglio a misura

Tube lengths

Our production lines can produce different lengths, more specifically:

up to 8,000 mm for diameters from 76.1 mm to 114.3 mm

up to 10,400 mm for diameters from 20 mm to 76.1 mm.

Cut to size tubes

Acciaitubi also has machines that allow the cutting to size of the above lengths with a tolerance length of 2 mm for all tubes up to 6,760 mm in length and 76.1 mm in diameter and a tolerance of 4 mm for lengths of up to 10,400 mm and diameters of up to 323.9 mm.

These machines also allow us to provide a cut to size service, enhancing the range even further, which also includes tubes with lengths of from 100 mm upwards.

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