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Acciaitubi has extended its range of products with a completely automated painting facility for tubes from 21.3 mm to 219.1 mm in diameter and from 5,000 mm to 6,000 mm in length. Thanks to a consolidated collaboration with an external partner, the range of painted tubes can extend up to diameter 323.9 mm.

La vernicciatura dei tubi di acciaio - Accitubi

Epoxy powder or water-based paint?

The system allows for continuous painting using either epoxy powder and water-based paints, realising tubes which offer high resistance against corrosion, atmospheric agents and industrial environments.

The water-based solution uses a single-component odourless water-based paint, which is applied after sandblasting. It is a high coverage paint recommended as a primer or a single coat for the protection of all steel tubes exposed to fairly aggressive atmospheres. The typical thickness of this coating is between 40 and 70 μm.

The epoxy paint solution uses epoxy powders which are fused on the surface of the tube, after sandblasting with a metallic grit of SSPC SP10 (Sa.2.5) and heating to about 200-220°C. The typical thickness of this coating is between 80 and 140 μm and the brilliance between 75.0 and 85.0 Gloss. The paint coating is resistant to a 480 hour salt spray test.

Intended use

The painted tubes are primarily intended for use in civil and industrial installations, where it is necessary for the colour of the tube to identify the fluid being channelled. The range of Acciaitubi painted tubes focuses on welded and seamless gas and water tubes and boiler tubes, which are prepared with plain or grooved ends as per the Victaulic standard for sprinkler or fire prevention use.

Our plant systems are designed for the use of any RAL colour paint
requested by the customer. All colours are available in both epoxy powder and water-based paints. The colours required for fire prevention systems are red RAL 3000, oxide red RAL 3009, grey RAL 7012 and white RAL 9010. The green RAL 6001 is used for the channelling of water and the yellow RAL 1021 for the channelling of gas.

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