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With the same objective of providing its customers with a complete service, Acciaitubi also has threading systems that enhance the range of black, painted or galvanized tubes for diameters of between 21.3 mm and 114.3 mm and lengths of between 1,800 mm e 7,200 mm.

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Threadings available

The systems allow the realisation of the following threads.

Tapered gas thread as per UNI EN 10226-1:2006, ex ISO 7/1 at both ends for the coupling of the tubes of the fluids being channelled. Each tube is supplied with a socket on one end as per EN 10241. This processing can be performed on both welded and seamless tubes.

Tapered gas thread as per UNI 6125 at both ends for explosion-proof installations. Each tube is supplied with a socket on one end as per UNI 7684 and the other end protected with a plastic cap.

NPT threads. This thread refers to American standard as per ANSI B 1.20.1. The NPT norm defines the type of thread and seal obtained by contact and compression of the threaded edge with the female tapered element (tapered thread).

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